Increased accountability within the team

Increased accountability within the team.

Accountability within the team requires commitment to the team

Even teams that start out as super-engaged superhumans who really pull together can fall into silo worship and cowering. And that's a shame, because team learning is greatly reduced. Worse, synergy and potential crumble.

At the Accountability in the Team workshop, we focus on overcoming this slow decline of the team before it's too late. Usually, the individual team member doesn't even notice that the common tasks, commitments and responsibilities are quietly being overlooked and de-prioritised in daily life in favour of their own projects.

Of course, not everyone has to do all tasks, but we approach the topic of accountability in a motivating way, so that curiosity about the everyday lives of others, commitment to the well-being of all, and respect for the common identity become high again.

What would your colleagues say about the way,

you take responsibility for the team?

The booklet increases the shared feeling of accountability

As a participant in Increased accountability within the Team, you will receive a designed workshop book that will highlight, challenge and perhaps provoke your way of demonstrating accountability in the team.


The workshop booklet gives each participant the opportunity to get to the bottom of how others see team behaviour. Do you go to work for the pay, or do you go to work because you are driven by an inner light -simply because you can't help it? To increase accountability, we analyse and nudge the basic motivation.


The workshop book should thus be seen as an opportunity for each participant to explore his or her own potential and development in terms of taking more responsibility. A yes culture is automatically created through dilemmas, exercises, challenges and theoretical input.


The workshop book is also a gift for the HR manager and team leader, who is responsible for the team's performance. Based on the exercises and reflections in the workshop book, they will be able to have rich discussions with team members about how accountability is practised in everyday life.

The workshop booklet is your guarantee that the workshop will have a real impact.

Incraesed accountability within the team.

Outputs and impact of the workshop

Increased accountability within the team

Each team member...

Will be able to stretch to demonstrate a higher level of accountability...

Will be aware when others think you are running away from shared responsibility.

Will be motivated to involve and engage others in joint projects.

Will lead by example and demonstrate responsibility in his/her behaviour.

The team will naturally create a much greater sense of shared responsibility, which will also help you to finish those overlooked projects.

The team leader promotes a sense of responsibility on a daily basis

Boosters for the team leader

After the Increased accountability within the team workshop, the team leader receives a package of thematic boosters to really embed accountability in the team. Small fun events and light happenings in the following weeks ensure that everyone stays on track with their own learning.

  • 5 specific exercises that the team leader can facilitate after the workshop. Instructions included.

  • 5 thematic dilemmas that the team is asked to solve on their own.

  • 5 challenges that engage the team to play well with each other in embedding the new habits.

  • And much more!

Team development boosters

The HR manager or team leader plays an essential role in holding these short and energising boosters. It's your moment to shine and all the remedies are given.

These boosters result in high-impact team development.

Increased accountability within the team can also be delivered virtually

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