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Individet i teamet

All the team members participate in a truly motivating workshop of self discovery, where individual strengths are recognized and potential pitfalls exposed.

How do you see yourself?

Respectful Communication

Truly unleashing the potential of your team cannot be done without exploring and improving the communicational styles within the team.

How can you truly respect your colleagues?

Successful collaboration

Reawaken the team spirit and your motivation with this workshop that puts focus on getting everybody behind the purpose of the team.

How do we go one level up in thriving and effectiveness?

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Team development anchored in psychology

Team development workshops

All team development workshops...:

Are anchored in up-to-date psychological research.

However the exercises are immediate, fun and focuses on giving plug and play tools for the participants. Theories have been converted into playfulness for maximum effect.

Are built on Kirk Patrics learning approach.

We leave teams smiling and happy, sure. But all participants have also trained how to implement the learning on a daily level, so the organization gets a great return on investment.

Are inspirational, fun, interactive and playful.

Each workshop is adapted to the learning style of the crowd, making sure the each individual experiences a safe and trusting environment, so everyone can be open.

Are supported by a best practice workshop booklet.

The booklet anchors the learning of the day. Furthermore, specific exercises and challenges are to be carried out post-workshop, so the implementation of learning is effective.

Team development with guaranteed effect

Ambitious Teams' workshop booklets

Each booklet follows the best practice of the specific workshop, which allows for progressive learning.

Each booklet focuses at unleashing the potential of each individual during and after the workshop.

Makes it possible for the team leader to address the efforts done to really make improvements for the benefit of the team.

The individual in the team
Successful collaboration
Respectful Communication Booklet.
Motivational Feedback

Outcome and effect of Ambitious Teams'

team development:

Each single team...

Becomes aware of the individual preferences within the team.

Trains specific competences relevant for everyday use.

Adresses own strengths but also their development points constructively.

Will know how to go one level up after the workshop.

The team will receive fun psychological tools for plug and play use.

The team leader plays an important role in the implemtation...

Boosters for the team leader

At the end of each workshop the teamleader receives a package of boosters for continual improvement of the team. Being the daily expert of the team, the task post-workshop is to implement, use and thrive with the new tools. Boosters are serious play when it is best.

  • 5 specific exercises to run post workshop - with instructions.

  • 5 dilemmas for the team to solve on their own.

  • Five challenges to engage the team in keeping up the new purposeful habits and take charge themselves of their own team development.

  • And much more!

Team development boosters

The team leader receives the tools to truly anchor the experiences from the workshop so everyone will continue to adapt their style to the team goals.

These boosters create lasting team development with maximum effect.

All team development workshops can be delivered virtually

Breakthrough moments in the team

Ambitious Teams - Tom Fisker Jørgensen.

by Tom Fisker Jørgensen

Team development brings quality of life

Time is of the essence. Every self aware human being will realize this at some point in their life. For some it happens too late. Years will have gone by without you ever noticing it. The days eat each other up, and you can't recall what they contained, what you said, or what you did just a few days ago. In fact, I dare you. What did you have for dinner three days ago?

I am sure your were able to answer the question above, maybe in style or maybe with a little extra time used. Don't miss the point, I am trying to make here. It is how you spend your time that matters.

Regrets we want to avoid

What do people who are close to running out of time say, what are the lessons they prioritize to pass on to the coming generations? Forbes Magazine did a study of this in 2019, and here are the top five regrets when laying on your death bed:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

What every single workshop of Ambitious Teams do, is to connect you with your true self, your core and your purpose. We all loose sight of ourselves sometimes. We walk paths that turn out wrong, we forget what the map indicated and blindly chop our way through the forest.

We are human, and we are imperfectly perfect.

Team development with a deeper meaning

But imagine creating some wonderful and rich moments together with your team, breakthrough moments where you are so courageous that you state your true opinions and your true feelings in a safe environment, where you realize that making each other happier within the team is just a conscious choice away.

Ambitious Teams helps you create meaning on a team level, and we don't pretend to know your team meaning beforehand. It is for you to discover. However, connecting the team purpose with deepfelt individual meaning is one of the levers of our workshops.

This is how we take your team one level up at a time.

The self-awareness of the team

Ambitious Teams - Tom Fisker Jørgensen.

by Tom Fisker Jørgensen

Team development begins with self-awareness

I have been fortunate enough to facilitate more than a thousand various processes for teams throughout my consulent career. Some teams had serious conflicts, some teams wanted to perform even better, even though they were high performing.

Some teams needed help to find their way forward, some teams suffered under bad leadership, some teams struggled with demotivation, some teams showed signs of stress due to a variety of factors.

ALL teams needed to increase their self awareness in order to thrive and be more effective.

Working methodically with the self-awareness of an entire team is where we start, if serious improvements and true changes have to be made. In fact, in Ambitious Teams, this is where we begin most of our workshop programmes.

The potential of the team is linked to self-awareness

Drawing upon the experience from hundreds and hundreds of workshops, it became clear that the self awareness of the team, rests upon the self awareness of the individuals within the team.

This is the case with ordinary teams of newly hired employees, as well as international executive teams leading global companies. In fact, the lack of self awareness of just one of the team members is often detrimental for the overall team performance.

Think about it yourself. Reflect upon your own team. The person who is least aware of the signals sent to the colleagues, is the weakest link of the team. Aware of the provocative nature of this statement, I rush to argue that people without awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, their collaboration and communicational style are not capable either of truly receiving feedback.

In other words, they do things their own way, unaware of the effect they have on others.

The importance of self-awareness

In other words...

Self awareness is needed to make real habit changes.
  • Otherwise "Why should I work on something that I can't identify as a problem?"

Self awareness is needed in true collaboration.
  • Otherwise "Why should I stretch towards others or a common goal, when I don't feel like it?"

Self awareness is needed to truly see other peoples' efforts.
  • Otherwise "Why should I care about my team members, they don't care about me?"

Self awareness is needed to grow as a human being.
  • Otherwise "Why should I grow and change? I am perfect as I am, thank you."

The lack of self awareness pulls a team down into dysfunction and wasted energy, wereas a high level of self awareness in each individual will make the flow and stretch much more effortless.

The self-awareness of the team

And here is the kicker. Every team has their own particular self awareness. The self awareness can vary in depth, transparency, willingness, usefulness, intention etc. The quality of the self awareness is of high importance.

Imagine a team mate who always says the right things, being highly self aware, but never pushes through with determined action. This theoretical self awareness will destroy any team. Being aware of who you are, who others are and being willing to accomodate their needs is a solid foundation for real improvements.

For a great beginning of a truly transforming workshop programme, we invite you to explore and discover the unique self awareness of your team in an involving and positive way.

Becoming an effective team - Step one

Ambitious Teams - Tom Fisker Jørgensen.

by Tom Fisker Jørgensen

An ambitious team wants to grow

An ambitious team has the inherent goal of becoming an effective team. But realizing a sustained high level of team effectiveness is difficult for most teams. However, it is not impossible.

But the ambitious team needs the right beginning. It is my experience that many development programmes are planned without really anchoring the 'why'.

Effective team development demands good preparation

The first obstacle on the journey towards high team effectiveness, is to agree on what team effectiveness is, because the answer will vary quite a lot, even if posed individually to members of the same team.

Each team member has a certain area of responsibility which yields a certain scope, a certain perspective and specific expectations for the team. When they hear "we need to become more effective as a team" all kinds of hopes, worries, expectations and anxieties start to buzz in the minds.

What do you want to achieve with the team development programme

And this leads to the first pitfall of team effectiveness: defining what we mean when we introduce: "We have chosen to run a development programme in order to make us more effective." Otherwise everbody will continue improving what they believe is ineffective.

An effective team works in the same direction, at the very least. The key question for the team manager to pose himself is:

What do I want my team to become more effective at?

Some team managers respond quicky, mentioning:

"We need to be better at collaborating."

"We need to be better at communicating."

"We need to be better at respecting each other."

"We need to be more motivated."

The deeper motivation of the team

And these answers are all bear witness to a thought process worthy of the manager title: we need to be working on the inner game of creating effectiveness, the soft skills behind the hard numbers. In other words, the answers are a means to another more obvious and direct, but less motivating end for the employees:

"In order to produce more items pr. hour."

"In order to increase our revennue."

"In order to make more money as a company."

Creating true team effectiveness in any team comes down to this: are we honest in our messages as managers? Are we transparent about the "why" behind the workshop programme?

Does everyone onboard find personal meaning in becoming more effective, not just today, no, everyday?

Team development brings value to everyone

If you want to launch an excellent development programme as a team manager or HR Director, identify the shared purpose, motivation and gains for both the company and the participants. True and lasting motivation from everyone involved occurs once you have identified this platform. Otherwise you risk disturbing the employees in their rutines, actually decreasing motivation. Step One in creating true team effectiveness:

How can the development programme be enriching for all of us?

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