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What does Ambitious Teams offer?

Design and delivery of the exact workshop, workshop booklet and workshop programme, you wish for your team. Co-creation is the pathway to common success, ensuring maximum positive impact on the team learning.

Work in the role as trusted advisor for leaders and HR-managers, making sure that your teams develop the way you want to.

Access to best practice workshops, powerpoints, workshop booklets and boosters that you are invited to deliver. All the workshops are anchored in psychology, sociology and philosophy.

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Testimonials from three professional partners

Ambitious Teams - Recommendation by UCN

“As Dean at University College Nordjylland - Business and Technology, I have collaborated with Tom for 11 years.

Tom is incredibly skillful and easy to work with. He has continually contributed til realizing the strategies and processes of UCN though the years.

Insights has been integrated in 26 of our fields of study, where our main focus has been on producing competent students with strong personal capabilities.

It takes a certain kind of robustness and deeply anchored skills to teach our competent Associate Professors, but Tom has done this to perfection."

Henriette Eduardsen

Dean - UCN

Eli Lilly recommends Ambitious Teams

“Tom has the perfect combination of Business focus, People focus and Creativity. Tom has a great share of my Insights learning and application and have supported our organization in many different settings.

Most important I have received valuable inputs and sparring whenever teams where facing challenges, conflicts or changes in general.

Tom has both the practical and intellectual understanding together with tons of experience. This leaves any team with a perfect set up for success.

Last but not least Tom is open to creative processes.

Nothing is written in stone and that leaves us as customers with great tailored solutions. My very best recommendations."

Lone Rosenørn

Capability Lead - Eli Lilly

Ambitious Teams - Recommendation by Melanie

"As HR-Director at Stora Enso, I have had the pleasure of having Tom facilitating workshops at several occasions and with different audiences and purposes.

Tom is genuinely eager to learn from his clients. He is very good at listening and will bring in these questions or comments from time to time that really help to bring the conversation further.

I can value a lot his approach favoring flexibility within a certain frame. While he is fully engaged in setting up and delivering a workshop that will add most value to the team, he is at the same time holding a consistent framework around it. While this is very helpful for the client, it’s also building trust and workshops with real content and value.

I have always appreciated Tom’s pro-activity and openness at all times, sharing his honest views, always coming from a place of humility and curiosity.

His ability to adapt to and personally connect with his audience has been praised a lot by the people in our organization who attended a workshop with him.

Tom deeply cares about his clients. It’s not about a one-time workshop, but it’s about building a story with the team. I appreciated a lot his support and guidance throughout our journey in successfully setting up our Innovation organization.

Melanie Göetz

HR-DIRECTOR - Stora Enso

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Tom Fisker Jørgensen - Ambitious Teams.

Tom Fisker Jørgensen

  • Has a Masters degree in Philosophy and French supplied with Strategy and Leadership.

  • Has designed and delivered more than 1.100 workshops, workshop programmes and accreditations for Insights since 2006. Typically for leader teams, sales teams, talents and project teams in larger organisations.

  • The workshops are being held all over the world in Danish, English and French.

  • Owns Ambitious Teams and functions as a Global Facilitator for Insights.

  • My wish is to make teams even more successful by unleashing the individual potential of each team member.

  • I am personally deeply involved in making team leaders and HR-managers successful by delivering excellent workshops, rich in continued learning for your teams.


Through workshops anchored in psychology to create teams that enjoy the healthiest effectiveness and the highest degree of sustainable thriving.


To form longterm partnerships with companies and organisations, who are ambitious on behalf of their teams.


Trust - Together we do our best

Integrity - We always find great solutions

Flexibility - We stretch and accomodate to be successful

Ambitious Teams

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