We increase the resilience of the team

We increase the resilience of the team.

The resilient team is actually strengthened by adversity

Resilience is a competence that can be developed, strengthened and used constructively. But we all have it to varying degrees. Indeed, this resilience fluctuates throughout life. But by becoming aware of what challenges our resilience, how our resilience is strengthened and when it is time to take a breather, the team can really improve.

When the team understands that we have different ways of defending ourselves, different reactions to danger, and different interpretations of what constitutes danger, they also find that sometimes they themselves - unwarrantedly, of course - are a threat to the well-being of others.

The workshop represents effective team development at its best with its psychological grounding, intensity, learning outcomes and shared team motivation.

Strengthening team resilience touches on team vulnerability and courage in a respectful and positive way to significantly increase your collective resilience.

Workshopbogen fra Ambitious Teams sikrer maksimal effekt

As a participant you will receive a designed workshop book that highlights and puts into perspective the exercises that the team is involved in.

  • The workshop booklet allows each participant to analyse their own defence mechanisms and their state. Indeed, the workshop booklet elaborates on the relevant psychological, sociological and anthropological insights that apply in resilience research.

  • The workshop book should thus be seen as an opportunity for each participant to explore their own resilience competence, but also how it can be strengthened by their own efforts.

  • The workshop book is also a gift for the HR manager who is ambitious on behalf of the team, as it contains 5 specific and anchoring exercises for use after the workshop.

The workshop book is your guarantee of a lasting great learning experience from the workshop

We increase the resilience of the team.

Outputs and impact of the workshop

We increase the resilience of the team

Each team member...

Becomes aware of own strengths and weaknesses in terms of resilience.
Shares which actions and statements really hit hard.
Will be motivated to lift the resilience of others, consciously and respectfully.
Will be able to contribute to significantly strengthening the resilience of the team.

When the team is able to identify and relate to its own resilience, seven-mile steps are taken towards future success.

Team development is integrated into your daily life by the team leader

Boosters for the team leader

After the workshop, the team leader receives a package of thematic boosters to really embed the learning from the workshop in the team.

  • 5 specific exercises that the team leader can facilitate after the workshop. Instructions included.

  • 5 thematic dilemmas that the team is asked to solve on their own.

  • 5 challenges that engage the team to play well with each other in embedding the new habits.

  • And much more!

Team development boosters

The HR manager or team leader plays an essential role in delivering these short and energising boosts. Extend the positive impact of the resilience workshop with the many boosters.

These boosters result in high-impact team development.

We increase the resilience of the team can also be delivered virtually

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