Gift giving within the team

Gift giving

Gift giving is your way to a high performance team

Gift giving within the team is a feel-good workshop that really gets the messages through on a deep level. The team will be brought several levels up regarding higher thriving and healthier effectiveness, by looking at each other through the lens of gift giving.

Based on the psychological profiles bought earlier, we will improve the connections and relations within the team step by step. Every person will become self-aware regarding the gifts they offer and receive, how they contribute.

The workshop represents effective team delelopment when it is best, dealing with contributions and expectations in a motivational psychological context.

Gift giving within the team makes everyone reflect upon how their gifts are interpreted by others. Do you always give the gifts that people want?

The workshop booklet ensures continual learning

As participant on the workshop Gift giving within the team you get a designed booklet that qualifies, deepens and sharpens the specific exercises we train.


The workshop booklet is your possibility to challenge yourself within gift giving, during and after the workshop. With psychological, sociological and antropological insights, it broadens up the perspectives and deeper meaning of the training.


The workshop booklet is a great possibility to improve your competences within gift giving on your own. It massively sharpens your potential of becoming an even more beloved team member.


The workshop booklet is in itself a gift for the HR-manager, who can easily continue the learning inhouse. It contains five gift giving exercises to be run post workshop, whenever the time is right.

The workshop booklet is your guarantee for significant positive effect on the individual awareness of continued contribution.

Gift giving

Outcomes and effects of the workshop

Gift giving within the team

You will use your new perspective to treat others more purposefully.
You will be motivated to change old habit that you believed where positive.
You will naturally give the team gifts that contribute to more health.
You will radically reduce health by knowing what your team mates really want.

The whole team will be brought to raise each other up, as the most natural thing in the world.

Great boosters for the team leader who can continue the gift giving

Boosters for the team leader

At the end of Gift giving within the team the teamleader receives a package of boosters for continual improvement of the team. Finding some ambassadors within the team for seriously playing the boosters is the right way forward. This will prolong the momentum, trust and joy of giving from the workshop.

  • 5 specific exercises to run post workshop - with instructions.

  • 5 dilemmas for the team to solve on their own.

  • 5 bi-weekly challenges to engage the team in keeping up the new purposeful habits.

  • And much more!

Team development boosters

The teamleader receives the tools to truly anchor the experiences from Individual effectiveness workshop, so higher effectiveness and better team climate can be achieved.

These boosters will give you significantly higher effect of the workshop.

Gift giving within the team can also be delivered virtually

Gift giving - an appetizer

What do you love most about christmas? You may think that being with your family is great, especially in these times of Corona where we don't get together as often. But, honestly, that is not the answer I am looking for. Embarrasing as it may be, being 46 years old, I still gravitate towads getting and receiving gifts is the high light of christmas.

But as joyful and cosy this particular moment is, just as much pain and trouble I notice people going through when shopping for gifts. The right gift demands consideration, insight, empathy and deepfelt understanding regarding the preferences of the recipient. Around christmas you are not measured by the gift itself, but also by the effort you have displayed finding that exact blouse, from that store we passed by in spring. You remembered! How much pain has the gift cost you? How many obstacles did you overcome to get it? How much do you see me when it is not christmas?

Psychologically, christmas is not an easy time. However was is easy, is to regard yourself as a gift. This often happens in blind expectation towards the hosts - they chose to host themselves - handling all the preparations. "Do you want me to help with anything?", you ask with a voice that reveals your expectation of a negative answer. Home free, psychologically on solid ground, you can gargantuate the free delicacies of christmas.

A lot of team dynamics can be explained on the basis of gift giving, a lot of conflicts can be handled early or avoided if attention is put on the true preferences of the recipient .

Gift giving within the team

Ambitious Teams - Tom Fisker Jørgensen.

Af Tom Fisker Jørgensen

Gift giving - it is a part of you

Back in the days, at the dawn of mankind, from Australopeticus, over Homo Ergaster and the Neanderthal, man has given each gifts.

Sometimes in the shape of shelter for the night, a particularly sharp piece of rock, a balanced spear, an amulet for the afterlife or safety from threats by staying within a group.

Homo sapiens dates back appr. 300.000 years. Our lineage is coded in our DNA, actually giving gifts has ensured the survival of our species.

Nowadays gifts come in many wrappings, shapes and sizes. A gift can be an act, a behaviour, an proclamed intention, but to a large extent it also holds a symbolic element. Never forget that the primary function of the gift is to establish a positive connection with another individual.

Gift giving within the team

Looking at the team dynamics through the lens of gift giving, a whole new world is revealed. A whole new set of possible explanations regarding conflicts, demotivation and lack of thriving.

Even more so, the psychology of gift giving can also solve the mysteries behind certain teams apparently unexplainable successes.

Effective team development with Ambitious Teams always has a sharp focus on the the partipants' awareness of the symbolic exchange of gifts.

As humans, we are ofte very conscious about the gifts we give to others. See, a gift is never just a gift, it always contains something of yourself. Marcel Mauss said this in his ground breaking reflections on gift giving in 1924: "the objects are never completely separated from the men who exchange them".

We stretch when giving gifts to others

The word "gift" itself reveals it's own complexity. A gift is something that is given to someone. It involves both a donator and a recipient. A gift cannot be, unless there is someone offering the gift. It becomes a gift because of the person giving. It entails that an action is also involved, stretching. "I stretch for you", is the thought of the gift giver, "so what do you have for me?"

Being a great and proactive team member involves having an empathic understanding of this net of intangible debt within a team.

  • You give a gift, when you offer to help a colleague.
  • You give a gift, when you listen to the stories of your colleague.
  • You give a gift, when you work day and night to meet the deadines.

Common for all these gifts is that you stretch outside your comfort zone in the gift giving process, away from your own natural preferences, making space for your colleague.

No one will reveal this to you, partly because no one knows, but in the team you are constantly being measured on this level as a colleague:

  1. the quality of your offered help
  2. your authentic presence when listening to your colleague
  3. your true efforts when working long into the night.

- was it beneficial for me, your colleague, or did you have ulterior motives?

The psychology of gift giving

You know the feeling. The feeling you experience when receiving a gift that you did not quite expect, nor really wanted. Yes, you are supposed to say thank you.

The psychology of gift giving bids you to play a role, to be grateful and pay back, at least with a smile and an approving nod. You now owe the gift giver, who, by the way, is of the same impression.

In Ambitious Teams we break down these false relations, this web of guilt, debt, expectations - we do not fake it. A gift is not worth more than the recipient decides.

Let us whipe the board and begin by telling our colleagues what gift we really want. It all begins with self-awareness and assumed responsibility.

Have you ever told your colleagues what gift you really wish for?

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