The adaptable team

The adaptable team.

The adaptable team requires each person to contribute

The adaptable team addresses the team's roots and identity, ultimately achieving maximum motivation for growth and flow.

We focus on creating an overview of the situations and incidents where it is particularly appropriate for the team to stretch and be inclusive. But just as importantly, the team needs to be able to step up to the plate and make its case when it serves the higher purpose of the organisation.

It can sometimes be extremely difficult to adapt to different people, new conditions, conflicting rules, stressed bosses and worldwide epidemics. This is precisely why we start with each person's mindset and interpretations of what happens when you adapt.

With the individual journey into the future, and with the beliefs that we should all adapt in certain situations, the team gains both understanding, cohesion and a natural alertness to challenging situations. We do things together - we adapt.

In the workshop, we take a resourceful approach to analysing situations that require us to adapt.

The workshop book ensures a good process throughout

As a participant in The Adaptable Team, participants receive a designed workshop booklet that captures, qualifies and challenges the thoughts and feelings associated with accepting and actually growing from adaptations.


The workshop booklet enables each participant to understand the reasons behind their own development towards a mature and respectful adaptive competence. Post-workshop there are many exercises associated with understanding this process.


The workshop booklet should thus be seen as an opportunity for each participant to explore their own potential and development in terms of becoming more and more adaptable, without losing their core identity, and without becoming invisible to others.


The workshop booklet is also a gift for the HR manager and team leader tasked with successfully implementing change. They will be able to have rich discussions with team members based on the exercises and reflections in the workshop booklet.

The workshop booklet is your guarantee that the workshop will have a real impact.

The adaptable team.

Outputs and impact of the workshop

The adaptable team

Each team member...

Will be able to adapt to new conditions to deliver a good job.

Will be aware of the signals that are sent out when you are truly adaptable.

Will be motivated to care for team members who have more difficulty adapting.

Will lead by example, and exude ease by adapting.

The team will acquire strong skills in creating flow in collaboration with other teams and departments.

The team leader promotes adaptability on a daily basis

Boosters for the team leade

After the Adaptable Team workshop, the team leader receives a package of thematic boosters to really embed adaptability in the team. Small fun events and light happenings in the following weeks ensure that everyone stays on track with their own learning.

  • 5 specifikke øvelser som teamlederen kan facilitere efter workshoppen. Instruktioner medfølger.

  • 5 thematic dilemmas that the team is asked to solve on their own.

  • 5 challenges that engage the team to play well with each other in embedding the new habits.

  • And much more!

Team development boosters

The HR manager or team leader plays an essential role in holding these short and energising boosters. It's your moment to shine and all the remedies are given.

These boosters result in high-impact team development.

The adaptable team can also be delivered virtually

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