Strengthened through the pandemic

Strengthened through the pandemic with Ambitious Teams.

Get the psychological tools to come strengthened though the pandemic

Is your team also suffering from the effects of the furloughs, the lockdowns, the regulations and restrictions that various governments have implemented to control the spread og Covid-19?

If yes, then Ambitious Teams offers you a new beginning, an interactive online webinar that allows your team to share experiences, build connections and find a common solution to the right way forward.

This online workshop lets every participant find his own way forward, a way that is anchored in psychology and philosophy. This workshop comprises both prework and postwork for tangible positive effect.

The prework and postwork assures maximum effect

Every participant receives assignments, both before and after the workshop. The prework and postwork of Ambitious Teams serves to anchor the learnings of the workshop.

  • The prework is your guarantee that each team member joins the workshop prepared, engaged and ready to share. The sharing of personal stories about the pandemic is part of the psychological base of the workshop.

  • The postwork is a gift for the team leader or the team manager, who wants to build on the self-awareness created during the online-workshop. 5 specific assignments anchors the most important psychlogical tool in everyday life, and gives the HR-manager a great overview of what is going on in the team.

  • The prework and postwork is you guarantee that the webinar has an effect, not only during the webinar, but also long time after the webinar.

Get strengtened through the pandemic with gamified best practice psychology.

Strengthened though the pandemic

Outcomes and effects of the workshop

Strengthened through the pandemic

The participants...

Will acquire a strong mindset they will benefit the team.
Will be able to talk about feelings and thoughts openly within the team.
Will connect deeper with each other, and be more engaged.
Will continue to explore how they can turn weakness in to strength.

The team will continually assist each other in finding motivational meaning in the situation they are in.

Boosters for the team leader

At the end of Strengthened through the pandemic the teamleader receives a package of boosters for continual improvement of the team.

  • 5 specific exercises to run post workshop - with instructions.
  • 5 dilemmas for the team to solve on their own.
  • Five challenges to engage the team in keeping up the new purposeful habits in collaboration.
  • And much more!

The team leader receives the tools to truly anchor the experiences from the workshop so everyone will continue to adapt purposefully to the crisis.

Boosters i Ambitious Teams.

Strengthened through the pandemic can be delivered virtually

Strengthened through the pandemic

The participants are prior to the webinar asked to save the world, only they can do it.

From there the Strengthened through the pandemic unfolds as a hunt for truth, right choices and becoming.

The workshop will positively challenge anyone who participates, asking them to find their inner core as an adaptable human being.

The workshop is both an inner journey, as well as a journey into the future, where hope and imagination fuels our attempts to deal constructively with Covid-19.

The webinar can connect people across the globe, as it is usually delivered to international teams.

This bring a certain richness to the workshop, and stands as a proof that no one is alone in the global crisis.

"Cor" originates from latin. It means both heart and courage, which you will need in this webinar.

Strengthened through the pandemic


The problem

is choice.

Ambitious Teams - Tom Fisker Jørgensen.

Article by Tom Fisker Jørgensen

The choice

With the spread of the corona virus, you have been given a wonderful opportunity of a magnitude that is difficult to comprehend.

Rare, if ever occuring, are the moments in the span of a human lifetime, where simple choices could have an effect on our entire species.

Faced with the Architect in the second film in the Matrix-trilogy, Neo is presented with a similar choice. He has to choose between two doors. Door number one leads to the Source, and the salvation of Zion and the rebuilding of humanity. The second door leads back to the matrix and his love, Trinity, but also includes the possible extinction of the human race.

You are given a similar choice today between our race and your own joy. You can choose to stay home, and thus contribute to the salvation of humanity.

Or you can choose to follow your heart, the fulfillment of your own preferences, the path of Self love, indeed the indirect crowning of Corona.

The ethical choice

Humans make choices that are deeply rooted in their preferences, their convictions and their past experiences. Often, we make these choices without ever being conscious about them.

And under pressure, our choices become even more egoistic. But the time has come for us to make a conscious choice, a choice of hope for human kind, a choice for human kind.

“Faith, hope, love, and insight are the highest achievements of human effort”. Those are the words of Carl Jung in “Modern man in Search of Soul from 1955. Can we go against our own preferences and choose love for mankind, and not just love for individual freedom?

The stakes are high these days, and everyone plays a part. You are in an epic movie right now, and it is up to you to act and invent your role. Will you choose to walk towards darkness or towards the light?

Hope lives on

In a funny twist, the godlike scriptwriter du jour has brought us to the following cliff: in order truly choose yourself, you have to choose humanity. That is a heavy burden on each of our shoulders. This is where, we should pause for a moment.

Really make a conscious choice, a choice of insights and self-awareness. Because, in reality, the bifurcation in front all of us is a rare gift.

You may argue with the words of the Architect: “Hope, it is quintessential human delusion; simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness.” You are right, staying at home does not guarantee that we will conquer the virus.

Jumping into the unknown by staying at home, risking our job, our livelihood, our relations and loosing the trail we were following represents a costly and feeble hope.

Yes, the simplicity of the situation is contrasted by the monumental importance of your choice. But it is our leap of faith. And this choice holds rewards that you can otherwise only dream of.

Choosing to act against your own selfish preferences, not eating the marshmellow in front of you, is you stairway to agrandisement as a human being.

Strengthened through the pandemic

One of the precursors to Jung, Kierkegaard, would have called the situation right now the moment of truth. Right now, these extremely important days of history, you have to choose between the aesthetical mode of existence, which regards pleasure as the highest value in life, and the ethical mode where your choices are regulated by civic duty.

Indeed, that last one is right there for your picking.

“Enough”, you might think. “Soon, I will go back to my life as normal.” If that is you hope, you will have wasted the greatest moment in human history to become more than you were yesterday.

Your choice

Close your eyes. Well, after reading this. Connect with yourself and with humanity within you, and look for answers of how to act from now on. You may prefer to join social gatherings, but you can choose to stay home.

“But really, I am not contaminated, and I am not afraid of being contaminated.” As we know from the Architect, denial is the most predictable of all human responses. The real choice is choosing not to contaminate anyone.

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